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Crescent / Crescent Lake Offers So Much!

Crescent is a great little town. It’s got that off-the-beaten track, locals-only, undiscovered territory kind of charm. The earliest known human use of this place was over 8,000 years ago. This same area was used by trappers, explorers, surveyors, homesteaders, railroads and the logging industry. These trails became Highway 97. Today, Crescent still focuses on helping travelers and lures many of them to stay with opportunities for camping, hunting, fishing and other recreational pursuits. Following the path southeast along the Little Meadow and the Little Deschutes River to an historical marker. As the evening shadows fall and the cool breeze comes down the river, listen closely; you may hear the making of a night camp by the spirits of the long ago people who first settled here.

  • You Will Love

    This family friendly community has easy access amenities. Shopping options are plentiful, schools are great quality and neighborhoods are friendly.

  • Outdoor Paradise

    Numerous parks,trails and access to numerous lakes. There is no shortage of ways to enjoy nature and the community in every season.

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